We actively promote undergraduate cardiovascular medicine in the UK, supporting medical students interested in pursuing a career in cardiology and cardiac surgery.


Since its inception, BUCA brings together UK medical students interested in pursuing a career in the fields of cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery, as well as faculty members and clinical leaders in these fields. We hold regular networking events to help bring together like-minded students, as well as assisting them in making meaningful career connections early.


BUCA promotes education in cardiovascular medicine and surgery amongst undergraduate students through exciting events throughout the year. These include regular masterclasses, career talks, revision and practical courses and an annual student conference.


BUCA advocates cardiovascular research and promotes early involvement in research amongst medical students. We run the British Undergraduate Cardiovascular Journal and organize an annual student conference where students can showcase their research at national level. We also aim to organize research-focused events throughout the year.

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workshops and masterclasses

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  • We are an associate of the British Cardiovascular Society